6 Sheep Free Crochet Patterns

6 sheep free crochet patterns, adorable designs from individual talented designers,
make them to wear or give as gifts.

Cute and cuddly patterns with a variety of uses, the children in your life will love these
beautiful little lamb patterns and I am sure you will enjoy making them.

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6 Sheep Free Crochet Pattern Roundup

1)   Pink Lamb Amigurumi Pattern – Jane from Jenny and teddy say’s
I just got great news this month that we got a baby boy! So this cute Pinky lamb would
be a perfect fit to celebrate. This cute cuddly lamb made from soft fun fur yarn that you
can find in any craft store.

2)    Crochet Lamb and bay mobile  – Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me say’s
I decided I wanted to make a mobile for my baby girls room. I thought some sweet
little lambs would be nice and crochet was the way to go about making them.
Unfortunately these little lambs took a little longer to crochet and put together than
I thought they would. But if you are up for a project than this is the one for you!

3)    Sheep Ear Muffs – Joanne from craft passion say’s
These sheep earmuffs are made up of loop stitches with 1 inch loop length. The head,
ears and legs are single crochet stitches amigurumi. Sewing all the parts to assemble
the sheep, then attach the headband to become a earmuffs. That’s it! Hope your kid
finds it warm yet entertaining when wearing the Sheep EarMuffs.

4)    Petunia Lambikins Hat – Heidi from Totally Snappy say’s
Last spring I released a lamb stuffie. It is currently being redesigned, but in the meantime
look how cute the features are on a hat?

5)    Darling Sheep Purse – Kinga from My Hobby is Crochet say’s
After seeing the Lamb Baby Bib I have designed a while back, my little girl told she
would like a sheep crochet purse! I’m happy to introduce you the Darling Sheep Purse!
I hope you will love it as much as she does!

6)    Shorn the Crochet Sheep – Dedri from Look What I Made say’s
This little crochet sheep is another collaboration between the talented Anette Bak
and myself.  It is part of our little zoo series and I think it might be my new favourite.

See my other roundup’s here, if you having any ideas of some roundups you would
like to see, let me know in the comments below.

Designers if you want to feature in future roundups e-mail as I need your permission
to use your photo’s.

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