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All Over Shell Stitch

Hi Everyone, I’ve added an all over shell stitch to my stitch category, the design is
worked over 2 rows and you can use the stitch for various items, to name just a few,
blankets, shawls, scarves hats etc,  I am finding that there are always new crochet
pattern stitches popping up so I will be adding more as and when I can.

shell stitch












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Staggered Square Crochet Stitch

This staggered square stitch is created over 2 rows and when crocheted
looks stunning, I have added a pictorial to today’s post for you to see how
Pattern Row 2 is made step by step, If you would like to make something
with this stitch I have put a link below to a free baby blanket I have designed
using the staggered square design. See my Stitch Category for more stitches.

staggered squares









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Raised Crochet Stitch

The Raised crochet stitch is now feature in many crochet projects, in this
swatch I have done a simple stitch combination of double crochet and
treble crochet, the stitches can be done by both beginners and intermediate
crocheters. The sample shows you an easy but effective way to make various
crochet items, like scarves, blankets, hats etc.

raised crochet stitch












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How to Measure Tension-Gauge

The tension-gauge of your work is important as it can change how your item
looks and the finished size, all people crochet differently so it is always best
to check the tension-gauge¬† …….











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Crochet Primrose Stitch

Clear and accurate tutorial from Krista Cagle on the primrose stitch, shown
in pictures and text it can be used for bags, throws, cushion covers etc. once
you have mastered how to do it you can have hours of fun creating crochet













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