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Free Crochet Stitch Tutorial-Woven Stitch

Free Crochet Stitch Tutorial-Woven Stitch – I have added a new stitch tutorial to my stitch library, the woven stitch is a simple two row repeat design, it is also known as moss stitch.

This woven stitch will create a strong flat texture suitable for bags, purses, scarves etc.

Free crochet stitch tutorial-woven stitch

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Dividing Armholes

Welcome to my instructions on how to dividing armholes pictorial, I get many requests on how to skip/miss stitches without fastening off when shaping for armholes on my round and square neck yokes, I use this method in many of my baby patterns, so hope this will help you.

See also my Herringbone Half Double Crochet and Ripple stitch Pictorials

dividing armholes pictorial

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Herringbone Half Double Crochet Stitch Pictorial

The crochet herringbone half double crochet stitch pictorial is a stitch you can use for many projects as it is so easy to do and creates a lovely textured pattern that is great for blankets, place mats, cushion covers etc.

I have made step by step pictures on how to crochet this lovely stitch below.

See my Piggyback and Two Cluster stitch pictorials.

herringbone half double crochet stitch pictorial

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Crochet Neat Edge Pictorial

My crochet neat edge pictorial is to show you how to get an even look when making a ontrast border.

Have you ever wondered when using a second color why it appears to look rough and uneven, my pictorial below shows you in four steps how to improve the look.

See my Crab Stitch and Magic Circle Pictorials.

crochet neat edge pictorial

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Crochet Post Stitches

Crochet post stitches are so called because they are worked around the post of the stitch, they can be used in a variety of designs from ribbing, cabling etc.

I have put together a pictorial below on how to do the front and back post using a dc or tr (UK).

See my free Baby Puff Stitch Cardigan and Fringed Scarf patterns using this stitch.

crochet post stitches pictorial

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Crochet Two Cluster Stitch Pictorial

Crochet two cluster stitch pictorial – Is also known as dc2tog for US crocheters and tr2tog for UK.

I have used this stitch in quite a few of my designs and probably will in lots more in the future, this step by step pictorial shows you how to crochet it.

Repeat steps 6,7 & 8 for a three or four cluster stitch.

See also my christening shawl pattern

crochet two cluster stitch pictorial

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Crochet Crab Stitch Pictorial

Free crochet crab stitch pictorial – I am sure many of you will have noticed that one of my favorite stitches for edging in my designs is the crab stitch.

I feel that it gives a lovely finish and firms up the edge of projects such as baby blankets, booties etc. and also many things for around the home, placemats, coasters, dishcloths and anything that requires a crochet edge.

These are some of the designs I have written using this stitch to edge with:-
Piped Edge Cushion Cover
Lapghan Blanket
Grit Stitch Placemat
Top Hat Toilet Roll Covercrochet crab stitch pictorial

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