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Cotton Dishcloth

Classic cotton dishcloth, made in 100% cotton yarn, it’s simple to make so a great
project for the beginner crocheter, a nice sized cloth which is durable, can be
used for washing those dishes or as a cloth for wiping surfaces, wet or dry.
Make for your own kitchen or just add a bottle of dish soap and you have a gift for
someone. This is the second design I have written in my cloth series, see my first
one the scrubby dishcloth pattern,

cotton dishcloth














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Scrubby Dishcloth

A scrubby dishcloth that is a cotton all purpose cloth, it’s smooth on one
side for less abrasive cleaning and has bobbles on the other to shift the
more stubborn stains on those pots, pans and dishes. They are perfect
for a last minute gift, a new home present or just make some for yourself.

scrubby dishcloth










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