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Buttoned Mug Cozy

Are you searching for a quick gift, this buttoned mug cozy could be exactly what
you are looking for, add a mug and a sachet of coffee or tea and it makes the
perfect present, it’s also a good pattern for you to use up your scraps of yarn.
It is an easy and quick design to make and will add lots of fun to keeping your
drink hot for longer, make one or make a set for all your mugs, it’s up to you!

buttoned mug cozy










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Trinket Bowl

A trinket bowl that has endless uses, make it to put all your small bits and pieces
in i.e. jewellery and keepsakes, hairbands, clips and slides, it is an attractive little
piece to keep on your dressing table, ideal for the nursery to hold cotton wool
balls etc. Would give someone a lovely surprise if given as a gift with candy in it,
the possibilities are many.













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Mandala Table Mat

I have designed this mandala as a table mat, but you can make it to be used as a
doily, plant pot mat, place mat etc. or crochet it as a decorative wall art, ideal to
use up all those bright colored odd scraps of yarn to make a pretty piece of home
decor, it’s an easy fun little project that you can crochet up fairly quickly.











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Table Runner

Brighten up your dining room with this pretty table runner, if you want to make it
longer just add more rows, it is made in an easy textured stitch, I’ve done it in
3 colors but you can use as many as you like, it’s also great for saving scratch
marks or cup/pot ring marks etc.

table runner
















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Afghan Square

Here is my Afghan square free crochet pattern, it’s been a busy week but
finally I have made this simple easy design, I love the raised stitch effect
which gives a lovely textured finish, it’s also super quick to crochet.
Make several of them and sew together to use for lots of projects, such as
cushion covers, blankets, tea cozy’s, placemats, coasters, bags etc.

afghan square









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