Crochet Crab Stitch Pictorial

Crochet crab stitch pictorial – I am sure many of you will have noticed that
one of my favorite stitches for edging in my designs is the crab stitch.

I feel that it gives a lovely finish and firms up the edge of projects such as
baby blankets, booties etc. and also many things for around the home,
placemats, coasters, dishcloths and anything that requires a crochet edge.

These are some of the designs I have written using this stitch to edge with:-
Piped Edge Cushion Cover
Lapghan Blanket
Grit Stitch Placemat
Top Hat Toilet Roll Covercrochet crab stitch pictorial

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Crochet Crab Stitch Pictorial

Crab stitch is a fairly easy stitch, but can be difficult to master without
pictures to show how it can be done.

Below is my quick pictorial on how!

1)      Make ch1, work in the stitch to the right of your hook. (working left to right)

2)      Insert hook through the stitch.

yo, pull a loop through the stitch, it may be a bit difficult to pull it through at
first, but hang in there as it will come out ok.

3)     You should now have 2 loops on the hook, yo, pull through 2 loops.

4)     Leaves 1 loop on hook.

Rpt steps 1 to 4 along your edge to end.

Hope you master this beautiful crochet crab stitch, make sure you pin it for
reference to use in future projects.

Have fun until next time folks.



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crab stitch pictorial, I just ask that you use your own pictures and put a link
back to crochet ‘n’ create.

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