Crochet Ribbed Wrist Purse

A sweet little crochet ribbed wrist purse, these purses have become very popular
lately for carrying those little necessities or as a fashion accessory, carry your lip
balm, small bottle of scent, lipstick etc. or even your money.

I have designed this one in a ribbed sc stitch using worsted weight yarn, it has
created a thick chunky feel to it.

See my tulip wrist purse

crochet ribbed wrist purse

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Crochet Ribbed Wrist Purse                           CNC88

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ch.       Chain
sc.        Single Crochet
blo.      Back Loop Only
rpt.      Repeat
sl st.    Slip Stitch
yo.       Yarn Over

Dec 1sc.  Pull up loop from each of next 2sc, yo pull though all loops

Base of ch. Work in first stitch

Finished Size approx:   4.25 x 3.75 Inches

I have used:-
Small amounts of Paintbox Simple DK in colors 1 & 2
1 medium size button

OR an equivalent yarn would be:-
Small amounts of Worsted Weight #3 yarn in colors 1 & 2

4.00mm Clover Crochet Hook


With color 1 ch17 loosely, work 3sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each of next 14ch,
work 6sc in last ch, 1sc in each of next 14ch, 3sc in last ch, sl st to first sc on beginning
of row. Turn. (40sc)

Pattern Row – Working in blo. (see abbrev), ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each sc to
end, sl st to first sc on beginning of row. Turn.

Rpt Pattern Row until 19 rows have been worked in all or work measures approx 3
Inches from beginning. Fasten off. Turn.

ribbed wrist purse

Flap – Join in color 2, working in blo. ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each sc to end, turn
leaving 20sc un-worked.

Next Row – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each sc to end.

Dec Row – Working through both loops from now on, ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, dec 1sc
over next 2sc, (see abbrev) 1sc in each . Turn.

Next Row – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each sc to end.

Rpt last 2 rows until 14sc remain. Turn. (8 rows worked)

Button Loop Row – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each of next 6sc, sl st in next sc,
ch10, sl st in next sc, work 1sc in each of next 6sc. Fasten off.

Wrist Strap – Using color 1 ch50, sl st to first ch to form a circle, ch1, 1sc in each ch to
end, sl st to first sc on beginning of row. Do Not Fasten off.

Slip stitch strap to inside of purse approx 2 rows from the top. Fasten off.

Finishing – Weave in and trim off any loose ends of yarn, attach button to correspond
with button loop.

Make sure you pint it guy’s for later.

crochet wrist purse

Happy hookin!




All pattern sizing, yarn weights, gauges etc on this website are approximate
as everybody crochets differently.
Every effort is made to ensure this pattern
is correct, but I am only human so mistakes may be made, if you find one please
let me know by e-mail on

The written instructions and pictures for this crochet ribbed wrist purse pattern are
copyrighted to crochet ‘n’ create © 2017.

You are welcome to sell the finished products made from the free crochet ribbed
purse pattern, I just ask that you use your own pictures and put a link back to
crochet ‘n’ create.

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  1. Dianna Caffee

    I wrote just a little bit ago but I don’t think that I did it right to send my question is on your pattern which I love them all is there anyway to order them and have them sent by mail written out I’m not good on the phone to know how to put them on the desktop print them myself. Thank you just sharing your pattern thank you for letting me leave my question for you to read.

    1. crochetncreate Post author

      Sorry Dianna, my crochetncreate designs are only available to print from the page (print button is at the bottom of each post) or in a PDF format available through Etsy.

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