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Small Flower Applique

This sweet small flower applique, has just 3 rows, it’s so easy to make, it is great for
the beginner crochet to practice with, create as many as needed to enhance your
skills and then use them to decorate your next project.

If like me you have a bag full of little balls of wool, use them up by making this flower,
as it uses very little yarn.

Use them on hats, blankets, children’s clothing, baby outfits or items you make for
your home, just add a pearl button to give it some dazzle.

Beware though they are addictive lol, I can’t stop making them!

small flower applique












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Crochet Flower

A dainty crochet flower with stem and leaf, this pretty motif is perfect for a touch
of charm and can be used to embellish a variety of items, put it on scarfs, hats,
blankets etc.  I’ve used a 4.00mm hook and light worsted acrylic yarn, but it will
work just as well with other yarns, use the hook size appropriate, but be warned
they are addictive and before you know it you will have made too many lol, if you
are in the mood for flowers take a look also at my Folded Petal Flower.

crochet flower













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Folded Petal Flower

A folded petal flower, I am always looking for adornments for my projects, so I
designed this flower for future use on things. It can be added to bags, hats, scarfs
etc. many items that may just need that little something to finish it off. When you
attach a colored decorative button it just brings it to life.

folded petal flower










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Seven Love Heart Patterns

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of day’s away and is a perfect day to create some
lovely crochet items for, I have made a roundup of seven love heart patterns that
I have selected from some of the blogs that I admire and support,  you can use
some of them to make added decoration to your gifts and crochet items.

seven love heart











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8 Crochet Flower Motifs

Crochet flower motifs can be a great way to use up all those small oddments
of yarn.  The motifs can be used to embellish any crocheted item that you
have made, try adding them to your baby coats, headbands, blankets, dresses
or you could use them to add extra decoration to your bags or purses.
Also useful to add to house decor items like cushions, throws etc.

crochet flower motifs











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