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Girls Flower Bag

Girls flower bag, a cute fashion statement for your little girl to just put her
comb, hairbrush in etc. this sweet two colored purse can make an ideal
birthday gift that she can show off to all her friends, it is made in an easy
single crochet stitch with worsted weight yarn and bright colors for the Summer.

girls flower bag












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The Crochet Dude -Designers Corner

My designers corner spotlight today is on Drew Emborsky, I’ve put
together a few of his free crochet patterns for you, which I hope
you enjoy. Drew has written lots of designs and pattern books for
Leisure Arts etc. Head over to his website to see so much more.













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Crochet Catherine Wheel Stitch

Written instructions with photo tutorial, the Catherine wheel stitch is
suitable for projects like bags, blankets, cushion covers etc. Use up
your yarn scraps to get lots of colour combinations.










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Free all Purpose Crochet Bags

Christmas bazaars and craft shows are starting to pop up in lots of places now in my area.
Bags are quick and easy to make if you are looking for items to crochet and sell at your
own events. I have put together a few ideas in …


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