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Colorful Mandala

A colorful mandala for you to make, mandala’s have been around for a long time
and as there popularity grows more and more keep appearing on various crochet
sites, improve your basic skills and learn how to work in the round.

Use them for decoration in any room of your home, as a table center piece, doily,
place mat or to hang on your walls. this one is made in three pretty colors, with
worsted weight #3 yarn and is very quick to crochet.

colorful mandala

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Mandala Table Mat

I have designed this mandala as a table mat, but you can make it to be used as a doily,
plant pot mat, place mat etc. or crochet it as a decorative wall art.

It is ideal to use up all those bright colored odd scraps of yarn to make a pretty piece of
home decor, it’s an easy fun little project that you can crochet up fairly quickly.


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