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Square Doily

Doilies never go out of fashion and are always popular, this square doily can add
style to any room in your home, make it up in colors to compliment your decor.
It will crochet up in just a few hours.

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square doily












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Top Hat Toilet Roll cover

My top hat toilet roll cover crochet pattern will brighten up your bathroom, these
covers never seem to go out fashion and can always be found on show at fairs and
fetes, I remember my Mum and Auntie making lots throughout the year for the
local Christmas bazaar.

Hope you enjoy!

top hat toilet roll cover












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Tumbler Jacket

This tumbler jacket is an ideal accompaniment to your glasses, protect your hands
from cold drinks, make a set in different colors to personalize individual family
members own tumblers, you can also make a set and give as a gift to friends or
to sell.

They are easy to crochet and are made in soft 100% cotton Worsted Weight #3 yarn
on a 5.00mm hook, approximate size is to fit a 2.5 inch diameter tumbler glass.

tumbler jacket










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Throw Pillow Cover

This large throw pillow cover can be made to be put on your bed, floor, large chair
or just to cuddle up to.

I have made the sample in cream colored yarn with wooden buttons, but a more
vibrant color and contrast buttons would look good too.

It’s an easy stitch pattern so even if you are a beginner crocheter you can give it a
go, (impress your friends). Hope you enjoy!

throw pillow cover











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