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Crochet Wraplette – Free Pattern

I love this pretty crochet wraplette especially for those cool evenings when
you want something across your shoulders, made in simple stitches with
a lace edge. If you have different outfits crochet it in complimentary colours
to suit.
When the sun goes down enjoy the cozy feeling of this wrap around your
shoulders, it can easily be folded away in your bag when not being used.
Happy crocheting


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The Crochet Dude -Designers Corner

My designers corner spotlight today is on Drew Emborsky, I’ve put
together a few of his free crochet patterns for you, which I hope
you enjoy. Drew has written lots of designs and pattern books for
Leisure Arts etc. Head over to his website to see so much more.


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Free Flirty Shawl Crochet Pattern

I’ve been looking around for a quick and easy evening shawl pattern to compliment
my outfit for the office party this December. It needed to be a simple stitch and
something I could crochet up really quickly, I dropped on this beautiful flirty shawl
by Celina …


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