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Bathroom Washcloth

Pamper yourself with this soft cotton bathroom washcloth, if you have basic
crochet stitch knowledge you should not have any problems making this cloth.

They crochet up very quickly and are an easy project to pop in your bag to take
along wherever you may be going, as they are small items you can make them
even if the weather is hot.

Great as gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Why not host a charity crochet party
and give a set as a prize during the evening.

bathroom washcloth

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Fruity Scrubbies Free Crochet Pattern

These fruity scrubbies are a quick and easy item for your craft stall or for
you to give as gifts, they are a cute little design which you can make in
bright fruit colors to give them that stunning look, they can be crocheted
up in a small amount of time, so you can make as many as you want.
Hope you enjoy making them.

fruity scrubbies

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Free Bath House Spa Washcloth Crochet Pattern

One of the first things I made was a washcloth and this bath house spa
washcloth is a lovely easy item to make, it does not matter whether you
are a beginner crocheter or an experienced one. I’m sure you will be
making a few of these for friends and family as they make a delightful
gift when put with a bar of soap

bath house spa

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Crochet Cotton Dishcloth Pattern

I think dishcloths are such an easy and practical thing to crochet, there are so many textured stitches to use. They are a nice quick project you can take along with you anywhere, especially during the holiday season. If you make one in each of the colors red, white and green, then add them together with a bottle of dishwashing soap you have a lovely festive gift that people would just love to receive, there is nothing nicer than having a handmade dishcloth as a gift.


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