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Tote Bag

Simple but beautiful, an all purpose tote bag you can use for the beach, shopping or just to store your crochet projects in.

It is worked from the bottom upwards in rounds and made in Lion Brand #4 yarn using a 5.50mm hook, so the bag will crochet up in no time at all. A lady just cannot leave the house without her bag, so lets get crocheting!

tote bag

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Clutch Purse

Clutch Purse – It is functional and made in an easy stitch, so is ideal if you are just starting out or a beginner.

There is only a small amount of sewing involved, you can crochet it up very quickly (I made it in a morning), make the main part of the purse in one solid color and the flap in a different color to match your outfit.

clutch purse

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Easter Egg Basket

Easter egg basket – A free crochet pattern for you to make for the upcoming holiday, which would you believe is in just two weeks time.

Making the baskets yourself and hiding them around the house for an exciting egg hunt makes it just that bit more special, they are the perfect size and can also be used afterwards to fill with little treats for all year round occasions.

easter basket

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