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Crochet Crunch Stitch Tutorial

Crochet Crunch Stitch Tutorial – A bumpy textured crochet stitch that is mostly used for dish or washcloths, but you can use it to make everything from Wraps to blankets.

Learn this easy stitch pattern from my free crochet instuctions below which are in both UK and USA formats.

crochet crunch stitch tutorial

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Long Shell Chevron Stitch

Long Shell Chevron Stitch – This beautiful free stitch tutorial is my version of the vintage fan ripple stitch, I have used a treble (dtr for UK) stitch.

This is a gorgeous design for blankets etc. learn how to crochet it from my instructions below in USA and UK formats.

long shell chevron stitch

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Alpine Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Alpine Crochet Stitch TutorialLearn how to crochet the alpine stitch with my written tutorial below, also known as the raised ripple stitch this lovely design is a beautiful textured stitch that you can use in most of your projects through all the seasons.

To get the instructions in USA and UK formats scroll down the page.

alpine crochet stitch tutorial

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