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Alpine Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Alpine Crochet Stitch TutorialLearn how to crochet the alpine stitch with my written tutorial below, also known as the raised ripple stitch this lovely design is a beautiful textured stitch that you can use in most of your projects through all the seasons.

To get the instructions in USA and UK formats scroll down the page.

alpine crochet stitch tutorial

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Single Crochet Group Stitch

Single Crochet Group Stitch – Easy to crochet small textured stitch pattern, learn how to make it from my tutorial below.

Use for projects like dishcloths, potholders, washcloths or place mats etc. a lovely stitch which is written in both formats USA and UK, scroll down to get the format you want.

single crochet group stitch

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Raised Textured Group Stitch

Raised Textured Group Stitch – Learn to crochet this raised group stitch, it gives a soft warm textured look and feel and is great for projects such as baby blankets afghans or throws etc.

This beautiful stitch is explained in USA and UK written instructions below, just scroll down the post to get the format you work with.

raised textured group stitch

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Parquet Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Parquet Crochet Stitch Tutorial – Made in two rows this stitch design is quick and easy to learn, crocheted in a worsted #4 weight yarn or UK aran.

By using a thicker yarn you get a lovely thick feel to your work, ideal for throws, afghans or cuddly warm baby blankets.

The instructions below are written in USA and UK formats, scroll down the page to get them.

parquet crochet stitch tutorial

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hdc3tog Crochet Stitch Tutorial

hdc3tog Crochet Stitch Tutorial – The hdc3tog is worked over 3 stitches to make just one stitch, beautiful design that can be used for a lot of items including babywear, blankets, throws and tableware.

Both formats of USA and UK are available, scroll down the page to get the instructions.

hdc2tog crochet stitch tutorial

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