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3 Color Crochet Coaster

An easy 3 color crochet coaster, ideal if you are just mastering the art of crochet or if you are experienced and want a quick project.

It’s made in rows of the same stitch pattern and then I have edged it with a sc stitch.

Crochet a few and make a set, I have used 3 colors but you can make in just 1 if you prefer.

Check out these coasters too! Circular CoasterSquare Coaster

3 colour coaster

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Round Table Mat

This beautiful round table mat is quick and easy to make and will look gorgeous on your dining table as a center piece or on your side and coffee table in your lounge, just add a plant, vase of flowers or bowl of fruit for the finishing touch.

round table mat

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Top Hat Toilet Roll cover

My free top hat toilet roll cover crochet pattern will brighten up your bathroom, these covers never seem to go out fashion and can always be found on show at fairs and fetes, I remember my Mum and Auntie making lots throughout the year for the local Christmas bazaar.

Hope you enjoy!

top hat toilet roll cover

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Tumbler Jacket

This tumbler jacket is an ideal accompaniment to your tumbler glasses, protect your hands from cold drinks, make a set in different colors to personalize individual family members own tumblers, you can also make a set and give as a gift to friends or to sell.

They are easy to crochet and are made in soft 100% cotton Worsted Weight #3 yarn on a 5.00mm hook, approximate size is to fit a 2.5 inch diameter tumbler glass.tumbler jacket Continue reading

Table Center Mat

This table center mat is suitable for dining table’s, coffee table’s etc, I have made it in a pretty all over shell stitch using a variegated yarn.

Use bright vibrant colors for those sunny days and warm mellow ones for colder days, you could change the yarn color to match the seasons or the decor of your rooms.

This beautiful mat will look delightful on any of your tables.table center mat

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Grit Stitch Placemat

A grit stitch placemat to dress up your table. make in colors to match your decor and bring  a sense of style to your meal times.

This basic crochet mat is a versatile design that can be used in any room of your home, kitchen, dining or as a center piece for your side or coffee tables, use them when dining al fresco.

It’s an easy to crochet pattern that lets you practice your crochet skills and create beautiful mats at the same time.

grit stitch placemat

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Circular Coaster

Crochet this circular coaster using basic crochet stitches.

Make more than one in different colors and impress your friends with your craftsmanship, when they see them on your tables I am sure they will want you too make them a set for their home too.

They can be used outside as well, use for when you have a barbecue going.

Pair it with my Mandala Table Mat crochet pattern and make a gift for someone.

circular coaster

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five circular coaster

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circular coaster

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Find all my FREE Mug Cozies & Coasters crochet patterns HERE

mug cozies and coastersCircular Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern Number CNC28

Abbreviations USA
st.     Stitch(es)
ch.    Chain
sc.     Single Crochet
dc.     Double Crochet
rpt.    Repeat
sl st.  Slip Stitch
Inc.    Increase

Base of ch. Work in first stitch

Finished size approx:  5 Inch Diameter

I have used:-
7 grams Stylecraft Special DK per coaster

OR an equivalent yarn i.e
0.25oz of Worsted Weight #3 per coaster

4.50mm Clover crochet hook

GAUGE – 5dc & 2.5 rows measures approx 1 inch

Made in rounds without turning throughout.

ch4, sl st to first ch to make a circle, ch3, work 11dc in circle, sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. (11dc + ch3)

Row 2 – (Inc) ch3, 1dc in base of ch3, 2dc in each dc to end, sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. (23dc + ch3)

Row 3 – (Inc) ch3, work 1dc in base of ch3, * 1dc in next dc, 2dc in next dc, * rpt from * to * to last dc, 1dc in dc, sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. (35dc + ch3)

Row 4 – (Inc) ch3, work 1dc in base of ch3, * 1dc in next 2dc, 2dc in next dc, * rpt from * to * to last 2dc, 1dc in each dc, sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. (47dc + ch3)

Row 5 – ch3, 4dc in base of ch3, * skip 1dc, 1sc in next dc, skip 1dc, 5dc in next dc, * rpt from * to * to last 3dc, skip 1dc, 1sc in next dc, skip 1dc, sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. Fasten off. (12, 5dc groups + 12sc)

Finishing – Weave in and trim off loose ends of yarn.

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hope you enjoy all the designs, happy crocheting!

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Egg Cup-Saucer

Egg Cup-Saucer – Staying with the Easter theme for you, I have designed a pattern for a crochet egg cup-saucer.

I have made them in bright pastel colors that I’m sure will give my Easter breakfast table a jolly look, why not draw faces on the eggs to add a touch of fun.

egg cup-saucer

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