Pastel Baby Blanket – This free pattern is crocheted in a textured combo stitch to give it a soft and squishy warmth.

Butterfly Baby Blanket – Sweet and pretty baby blanket with butterfly applique, perfect for cots, strollers etc.

Forever Warm Baby Blanket – A simple but warm baby blanket, would make a beautiful baby shower gift.

Soft Cuddles Blanket - This beautiful textured and plain stitch mix blanket will look lovely in a stroller, pram or cot.

Cluster-V Blanket Pattern – This is one of my favourite patterns that I have created.

Textured Group Baby Blanket – This baby blanket is made in a textured stitch pattern, crochet it in a  solid colour or in stripes of color.

Sweetheart Baby Blanket – A beautiful soft and cuddly baby blanket, I have made it in a pretty  pink and white but you can choose your own combinations.

Cuddle Crib Cover – Chunky and warm, use on a babies crib or pram.

Get the free full instructions on how to make any of these free blanket etc patterns via the link below.