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Crochet Brick Stitch

I have added a crochet brick stitch to my crochet stitch category, it is a lovely close stitch made with a main color yarn and a small splash of contrast color to bring it alive.

Use for placemats, coasters, dishcloths, pot holders or blankets and throws.

I have used 2 colors, but you could alternate a few different contrast colors if you wish.

crochet brick stitch

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Solid Shell Stitch

I love this solid shell stitch, I have used it for many of my projects, it is a close together stitch which makes it an ideal design for baby items, there is less chance of little fingers getting caught in the yarn.

It can also be used for dishcloths, place mats, blankets etc. play with your colors to get a good combination, I have used 3 different shades but you can easily use more or less if you wish.

solid shell stitch

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Arch Column Crochet Stitch

Today I’ve added the arch column crochet stitch to my
stitch collection.

It is made over 2 rows of pattern and is quite easy to do once you get into a flow with it, turn this beautiful stitch into baby garments, blankets, cushion covers, chair backs etc.

Use different color yarns to give a stunning effect, scroll down the page to learn how to crochet this classic stitch.

arch column crochet stitch

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How to Join Squares in Crochet

So you make loads of crochet squares for a blanket and then comes the
daunting task of joining them together uhhh, this tutorial on how to join
crochet squares using the zipper method will show you how to use one
technique which is quick and I think adds a lovely finish to your project ….

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