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Crochet Grit Stitch Pictorial

My single crochet grit stitch pictorial is for an easy crochet pattern that creates a tightly textured finish which is sturdy, if you crochet it on a large hook it will have a much softer feel.

Use for many projects around the home like sets of coasters, place mats etc. or use to make things like dish/washcloths, blankets or cowls.

Check out my free Grit Stitch Place Mat crochet pattern.

crochet grit stitch pictorial

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Dividing Armholes

Welcome to my instructions on dividing armholes pictorial, I get many requests on how to skip/miss stitches without fastening off when shaping for armholes on my round and square neck yokes, I use this method in many of my baby patterns, so hope this will help you.

See also my Herringbone Half Double Crochet and Ripple stitch Pictorials

dividing armholes pictorial

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