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Small Bow

A cute and pretty small bow pattern for you to crochet, they are great to make and can be used to adorn anything ie household things, shoulder bags, headbands, baby coats, blankets etc. Add a clip to the back and use it as a hair clip or a child’s brooch.

It works up in a matter of minutes, and is an ideal crochet pattern for the beginner crocheter too, I spent ages looking for a small bow to add to my baby items and could only find larger one’s, so I set to and wrote my own, I never realized how simple the process was.

small bow

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pink bow

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Small Bow Crochet Pattern

Pattern Number CNC38

Abbreviations USA
ch.      Chain
sc.       Single Crochet
rpt.     Repeat
sl st.   Slip Stitch

Base of ch. Work in first stitch

Approx Finished Size:          1 x 2.5 Inches
Use a thicker yarn and larger hook if you want to make it bigger.

I have used:-
A small amount of King Cole Cottonsoft DK yarn

An equivalent yarn would be light worsted Weight #3

4.50mm Clover crochet hook



Work 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each of next 3ch, sl st in next ch, 1sc in each of remaining 4ch. Turn. (8sc + 1sl st)

Row 2 to 5 – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, work 1sc in each of next 3sc, sl st in next sl st, 1sc in each of remaining 4sc. Turn.

Fasten off at the end of Row 5.

Wrap yarn around center of bow over the sl st several times to make the bow.

Finishing – Weave in any loose ends of yarn and trim off.

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small bow

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