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Crochet Trinity Stitch

The crochet trinity stitch is made with just a one pattern repeat, which requires a little bit of crochet experience, but once you get the momentum going it is very quick to learn.

It has a lovely textured feel and look, so it is ideal for blankets etc.

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crochet trinity stitch

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Crochet Trinity Stitch Tutorial


st.              Stitch(es)
yo.             Yarn Over
sc/dc         Single Crochet (Double Crochet UK)

sc3tog/dc3tog.    Single Crochet 3 Together (Double Crochet 3 Together UK) Pull up a loop from previous stitch and next 2 stitches, yo and pull through 4 loops.

I used a 4.50mm hook and worsted weight #3 for this sample.


make a chain length in multiples of 2.

Start each row with 1ch, 1sc/dc in base of 1ch, sc3tog/dc3tog (see abbrev)

Foundation Row – Work 1sc/dc into 2nd ch from hook, pull up a loop from the same ch as previous st and then in next 2ch, yo and pull through 4 loops on hook * make 1ch, pull up loop from same ch as previous st and then in next 2ch, * rpt from * to * across to end, work 1sc/dc also in last ch. Turn.

How Make Trinity Stitch
First Step
– 1ch, sc3tog/dc3tog starting in same st as previous sc3tog/dc3tog.

Second Step – Then in the top of the next sc3tog/dc3tog and 1ch space.

Third Step – yo and pull through 4 loops on hook.

Rpt First to Third Steps across to end, work 1dc also in last st. Turn.

trinity stitch

I will add more stitches to my library soon, so keep checking back.



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