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Crochet Shell Tiers Stitch

Crochet shell tiers stitch – written instructions on how to crochet this nice stitch, there are just 2 rows to the pattern and it is easy to learn.

Hope you can use it to create your own crochet designs.

See my Crochet Stitch Library for more beautiful stitches.

crochet shell tiers stitch

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Crochet Shell Tiers Stitch

This stitch can be found in the Leisure Arts 280 Crochet Shell Pattern book.


dc/tr. Double Crochet (Treble Crochet UK)
tch.    Turning Chain

ch3 counts as first dc/tr


shell tiers stitch

I used a worsted weight yarn and 5.00mm hook for this sample.

Make a chain length in multiples of 6 + 2

1st Row – Work (1dc/tr, ch1, 1dc/tr) in 5th ch from hook, * skip 2ch, (1dc/tr, ch1, 1dc/tr) into next ch, * rpt from * to * to last 3ch, skip 2ch, 1dc/tr into last ch. Turn.

2nd Row – ch3, * (2dc/tr, ch1, 2dc/tr) into next ch1 space, ch1, skip next ch1 space, * rpt from * to * to last 2dc/tr, skip 1dc/tr, 1dc/tr in top of 3tch. Turn.

3rd Row – ch3, (1dc/tr, ch1, 1dc/tr) into each ch1 space to end, 1dc/tr in top of 3tch. Turn.

Repeat 2nd & 3rd Rows until you have the amount of rows you need for your project length.

shell tier stitch

I will add more lovely stitch tutorials soon.


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