Flat Slip Stitch Joining

Flat slip stitch joining is the ideal method of joining granny squares together.

If you are like me and love making granny squares but do not like stitching them up, there are many ways to do this and I think one of the easiest ways is with a slip stitch seam.

I feel it gives a more professional finish and look to it.

Below is a pictorial on how to do a sl st and how to seam the squares together.

flat slip stitch joining

Slip Stitch (sl st)
Insert the hook in next stitch, pull through a loop and draw through the loop on your hook.

Working through the center loops on each square

center loops

Slip stitch along the both sides of the squares from side to side.

When turned over on to the right side it makes a lovely flat, smooth and even join.

Hope this post gets you making and joining those granny squares, use up your scrap yarn (which I know adds up very quickly) you can crochet the motifs for many things around your home and family, use some of my free square crochet patterns (see links below) to get you started….

Afghan Motif (shown)
Granny Square
Afghan Square

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