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Solid Shell Stitch

I love this solid shell stitch, I have used it for many of my projects, it is a close together stitch which makes it an ideal design for baby items, there is less chance of little fingers getting caught in the yarn.

It can also be used for dishcloths, place mats, blankets etc. play with your colors to get a good combination, I have used 3 different shades but you can easily use more or less if you wish.

solid shell stitch

Solid Shell Stitch

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Stitches Used

sc.      Single Crochet
dc.     Double Crochet
rpt.    Repeat

I used a 6.50mm hook and worsted weight #3 yarn in three colors for this sample, but you can use any size hook and one color if you want.

Make a length of ch’s in multiples of 6 + 2

Row 1 – Work 1sc in 2nd ch from hook 1sc in each ch to end. Turn.

Row 2 – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, * skip 2sc, 5dc in next sc, skip 2sc, 1sc in next sc, * rpt from * to * to end. Turn.

Row 3 – ch3, 2dc in base of ch3, * skip 2dc, 1sc in next dc, skip 2dc, 5dc in next sc, * rpt from * to * to last 5dc and sc, skip 2dc, 1sc in next dc, skip 2dc, 3dc in sc. Turn.

Row 4 – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, * skip 2dc, 5dc in next sc, skip 2dc, 1sc in next dc, * rpt from * to * to last 2dc, sc, 2dc and 3ch to turn with, skip 2dc, work 5dc into next sc, miss 2dc, 1sc into top of 3ch. Turn.

Rpt Rows 3 & 4 until desired length.

Crochet lot of things and have fun with this warm solid shell stitch, please pin to your Pinterest boards so others can see it.

solid shell stitchHugs until next time.

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To PRINT the pattern only, highlight by clicking at the start of the pattern, hold the mouse down, scroll down and release at the end of the pattern.
Go to FILE, PRINT, (usually top left of browser) when your printer box appears choose selection in the page range.

The easiest way is to copy your selection and paste into a text program (ie, word, notepad etc) it may need tiding up, then print.