7 Place Settings Roundup

Check out this lovely 7 place settings roundup, the pretty designs will brighten up
your dining table, different shapes to choose from, square, oblong or round, most
have coasters to match as well, these would be just the thing if you needed
something to make for that craft fair, or you could just make some sets of them
for yourself.

7 place settings

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1)    Round Table Mat from Crochet For You.
Crochet Table Mat - free pattern

2)    Striped Table setting from Patterns For Crochet.

3)    Cotton Placemat and Coaster from AG Handmades.


4)    Cross Stitch Set from The Stitchin Mommy.

Striped Crossed Stitch Placemat - Free Crochet Pattern by Creative Crochet Workshop Contributor Post for The Stitchin' Mommy | www.thestitchinmommy.com

5)    Puff Stitch Kitchen Set from Crochet ‘n’ Crafts.


6)    Tea Time Placemat from Beatrice Ryan Designs.

Tea Time Placemat... Free Crochet Pattern!

7)    Harvest Placemat from Pattern Paradise.

Crochet Pattern X Stitch Harvest Placemat Set by Pattern-Paradise.com

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2 thoughts on “7 Place Settings Roundup

  1. Jeanette Jackson

    I love all the patterns that are shown but my problem is that when I click on the pattern I have chosen nothing happens. I don’t know how to obtain the pattern I want. Also most of the patterns are USA and not UK which is really frustrating. Just Crochet , which I use quite a lot, gives you the option of changing from USA or UK.

    1. crochetncreate Post author

      Hi Jeanette, to get the patterns just click the link in blue above each picture, so sorry at this time all patterns on crochet’n’create are listed in US format only. Heather

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