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Crochet Neat Edge Pictorial

My crochet neat edge pictorial is to show you how to get an even look when making a contrast border.

Have you ever wondered when using a second color why it appears to look rough and uneven, my pictorial below shows you in four steps how to improve the look.

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crochet neat edge pictorial

Crochet Neat Edge Pictorial

Hope you like my pictorial on this technique, I use it a lot in my straight edge designs to give a nice clean look i.e blankets, place mats, dishcloths etc.


ch.        Chain(s)
sc/dc.   Single Crochet, (Double Crochet UK)
sl st.     Slip Stitch
WS.      Wrong Side

My first two pictures are of an uneven and even look, they show you how your work looks when working directly in the edge and when you work in a sl st edge.neat edge1)      Starting at the beginning of the edge on your work, sl st evenly along edge to end. Turn.

2)      (WS) For this tutorial I have used sc/dc UK, I made 1ch ready to begin my row.

You can use any stitch that you want, just make the appropriate number of ch’s at the beginning of your row.neat edge 1-23)      Insert hook under both loops of sl st.

4)      Work sc/dc UK in the normal way.neat edge 3-4

This method is a really simple and an easy one that gives you a more professional style to your projects, hope you find it useful.

Don’t forget to pin it for later.

neat edge pictorial

Speak to you soon, bye for now.


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Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Thank you for sharing! A very easy and simple solution.


Saturday 17th of March 2018

Very nice, lovely looking edge, I will try this for sure. Thanks.