Crochet Magic Circle Pictorial

A crochet magic circle is a neat way to work in the round, unlike the regular chain loop which leaves a hole in the center, the magic way works by using the loop to close the center hole.

The first picture shows a regular chain loop circle (on left) and a magic circle.

Crochet magic circle

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magic circle-600a

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magic circle-600b

The materials used for the swatch were Stylecraft Special
yarn using a 4.50mm Clover crochet hook

magic circle-600c

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Crochet Magic Circle Pictorial

I have put pictures below on how to make the crochet magic circle in 11 easy stages, it makes a nice tight center when working in a round for doilies, table centers, coaster etc. the list is endless for what you can use this method for.


dc/tr.   Double Crochet, (Treble Crochet UK)
ch.       Chain
st.        Stitch(es)
sl st.    Slip Stitch
WS.      Wrong Side

1)     Make a loop leaving loose end to the left.

2)     Place working strand under loop.magic circle 1-23)     Pick up the strand under the loop with your hook.

4)     Begin your chains for your preferred stitch.magic circle 3-45)     ch3 (make 3ch UK).

6)     Work st evenly around circle, I have used dc (tr UK) but you can use any stitch.magic circle 5-67)     When you have worked the stitches needed for your pattern, pull loose thread to close.

8)     Circle when closed.magic ring9)      sl st to first st to join.

10)     Finished magic circle.closing hole11)     On WS of work thread loose yarn around center hole and trim off.weaving inThere are a few names for the same technique, I have called it the crochet magic circle but it is also known as the magic ring or magic loop, whatever you want to call it I love the finished look of this method.

I have included it in many of my patterns, so you can get plenty of practice lol.

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See some of my free crochet patterns using the magic circle:-
Baby Popcorn Set
Cosy Mug Warmer, Round Table Mat and Cotton Floppy Sun Hat

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