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10 Free Crochet Doilies

These 10 free crochet doilies are great easy patterns to make, use them on tables or put under your plant pots like my star doily, they can be made with any ply yarn using small or large hook sizes.

There are also roundups for colourful mandalas and more pretty doily patterns, plus 5 crochet doilies for you to enjoy.

10 free crochet doilies

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Doilies are usually seen as round, but I have designed a square lace doily using a simple v-stitch and a square doily that uses the all over shell stitch.

Below I have listed 10 free crochet doily mats from other designers that I think you will enjoy.

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1.  Doily Plant Pot Mat

10 free crochet doilies

This crochet doily plant mat is designed for any yarn and any hook size so you can get some of your stash leftovers out of the way. Crocheted in simple stitches, these little beauties whip right up in no time. Doily Plant Pot Mat on Rows and Roses


2.  Mandala Crochet Pattern

mandala crochet pattern

It is really so easy to make this crocheted doily because it uses simple crochet stitches! If you can double crochet, then you definitely can make this pattern which means it’s a great beginner crocheter pattern too! Mandala Crochet Pattern on Easy Crochet


3. Asti Doily

Asti Doily

Pretty doily in orange and lemon colours, with a pointed edge design, this is a free guest designer pattern. Asti Doily on Knitter Knotter


4.  Sweet Stripes Plant Rugs

sweet stripes plant rugs

If you don’t want to use the mat for plants, then there are other ways you can use your sweet stripes plant mats! and it is perfect for using as doilies too! Sweet Stripes Plant Mats on Green Fox Farms Designs


5.  Picot Peaks Crochet Doily

picot crochet doily

A cute simple versatile little mat, because you can hang on your walls or use it as a dining table mat. Picot Peaks Crochet Doily


6.  Spring Flower Doily

spring flower doily

A crochet pattern that teaches you how to create a doily or place mat for the table or table’s center piece. Spring Flower Doily on Meladora’s


7.  Diamonds Doily

10 free crochet doily mat

The Diamonds Doily crochet pattern is an easy round crochet doily pattern with a geometric theme. Diamonds Doily on Made by Gootie


8.  September Mandala Pattern

september mandala pattern

Beautiful mandala crochet pattern, featuring double crochet together and puff stitches. September Mandala Pattern on Oombawka Design.


9.  How to Crochet Greek Doily

greek doily

The Greek doily is unique because it combines both usual crochet stitches (in white color) and filet crochet technique (in blue) to make a lovely lace doily. So it’s a great project to learn some new crochet skills. Greek Doily on Handmade by Raine


10.  Crochet Quick Doily

10 free crochet doilies

Make this doily in an hour, it is so pretty when finished. Crochet Quick Doily Mat.


I hope you like and enjoy these patterns of 10 free crochet doily mats from different bloggers around the web. If you share this roundup on facebook can you please tag @crochetncreate

10 free crochet doilies