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20 Free Crochet Dishcloths

20 Free Crochet DishclothsCrochet dishcloths make great gifts, you can use up your left over yarn and make them really quickly. They are also ideal for trying out new stitches you are learning.

20 free crochet dishcloths20 Free Crochet Dishcloths

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I have put together below a collection of dishcloths from  some very talented crochet designers, but be sure to check out all my free crochet patterns on crochetncreate.

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1. Beautiful Crochet Washcloths 4 Patterns

beautiful crochet washcloth

A set of four free crochet patterns for beautiful crochet washcloths that you can make ahead of time and gift to family and friends. Make them some of these beautiful crochet washcloths and wait for their reactions when they unpack them. Beautiful Crochet Washcloths on Yarnandy.


2. Pankh Dishcloth

pankh dishcloth

The Feather Stitch is a beautiful stitch that is super easy to make! Started making a swatch and it turned into a dishcloth. Pankh Dishcloth on KnitterKnotter


3. Double Crochet Dishcloth

double crochet dishc;loth

Dishcloths are the perfect project for a beginner since they are worked in a simple rectangle. You usually don’t need to know any special techniques to make them. I’ve designed an extra easy dishcloth with a crab stitch border.
Double Crochet Dishcloth on Desert Blossom Crafts


4. Hexagon Honeycomb Dishcloth

Hexagon honeycomb dishcloth

I had lots of yellow, brown, and white leftovers in my stash. So, I went on and used those to make a hexagon dishcloth made of many little crochet hexagon motifs! Perfect for a little scrap-busting! Hexagon Honeycomb Dishcloth on Raffamusadesigns


5. April Showers Dishcloths

april showers dishcloth

I am so excited to bring you another functional free crochet pattern. I hope you enjoy making the April Showers dish cloths as much as I enjoyed designing them! April Showers Dishcloths on Green Fox Farms Designs


(6.) Crinkle Dishcloth

crinkle dishcloth

Crinkle Dishcloth is a free crochet dishcloth pattern in crochet crinkle stitch, this stitch has a texture look to it and is ideal for dishcloths. Made in 100% cotton yarn, it’s perfect for scrubbing dishes, washing, drying, and using again. Crinkle Dishcloth on Banana Moon Studio


7. Wave Dishcloth

20 free crochet dishcloths

A great take everywhere crochet project. An easy to make item for your kitchen and if you want you can use the yarn double make great hot pads or trivets as well!


8. Herringbone Dishcloth

herringbone dishcloth

My mom and I both were in need of new dishcloths so I decided to whip some beginner friendly one’s up for us. I’ve made several of these now and we have both been enjoying using them. Plus, it’s more fun to do the dishes when you have a pretty dishcloths to do it with. Herringbone Dishcloth on Spotted Horse Design Co


9. Friendship Washcloth

friendship dishcloth

Crochet washcloths hold up so well, whether you use them in the bathroom or to scrub dishes! They make the best gifts for friends and family because everyone can use a washcloth! Friendship Washcloth on Two Brothers Blankets


10. C2C Suzette stitch Dishcloth

suzette stitch

If you have been following me lately, you’d know that I love the Suzette stitch also known as sedge stitch. I love the unique texture of this stitch, and the soft and dense fabric it creates, wonderful for dishcloths etc. C2C Suzette stitch Dishcloth on Made by Gootie


11. Sweet Suzy Washcloth

sweet suzy washcloth

A classic and traditional project that can be found in many homes. washcloths are durable, wash up well and add a special handmade touch to your space, a simple combination of the suzette stitch and back loop single crochet, also know as single crochet rib stitch to create a lovely and textured design. Sweet Suzy Washcloth on Sweet Bee Crochet


12. Textured Crochet Washcloth

textured washcloth

Easy to crochet washcloth made in a simple half double crochet stitch using a front and back loops design, which works up into a lovely textured stitch. Great for a beginner crocheter. Textured Crochet Washcloth on Thoresby Cottage


13. Sunshine Dishcloth

sunshine cloth

The texture made with this herringbone half double crochet stitch is what sparked the idea for the Sunshine Collection. When I fall in love with a certain stitch combination, I like to use it for lots of makes! Sunshine Dishcloth on Avery Lane Creations


14. Cara Dishcloth

20 free crochet dishcloths

Textured and simple to make. This dishcloth is made with cotton yarn for easy washing and drying. When the weather warms up it’s time to break out the cotton yarn. Crocheting for the kitchen is fun and useful, crochet cotton washcloths, dishcloths and face scrubbies are also fun to make. Cara Dishcloth on Christaco Designs


15. Just a Pinch Dishcloth

just a pinch cloth

The just a pinch dishcloth is super quick to make and easy to whip up in a pinch! Using only single and double crochet. The pattern is worked with a simple pattern repeat and looks great in variegate yarn. Just a Pinch Dishcloth on Through the Loop


16. Mansfield Moss Stitch Crochet Cloth

20 free crochet dishcloths

The moss stitch or woven stitch has to be one of the easiest and most versatile crochet stitch patterns, which works for so many different types of crochet projects. This pattern will work great with any worsted weight or solid color cotton yarn. Mansfield Moss Stitch Crochet Cloth on Stitching Together


17. Spring Tulips Washcloth

spring tulip washcloth

Make spring cleaning fun with the Spring Tulips Washcloth! This washcloth features relief and popcorn stitches for light scrubbing power and is bordered with scrubby yarn for the hard to remove grime. Spring Tulips Washcloth on Blackstone Designs


18. Hanging Crochet Cloth

20 free crochet dishcloths

Easy dishcloth pattern, this cloth uses the paris stitch, a combination of stitches and chains worked in one group to form the design, a simple to crochet stitch you will soon get into the flow of.


19. Easy Crochet Dishcloth

20 free crochet dishcloths

This crochet dishcloth pattern is not just easy and quick to work up, it also has a beautiful texture which makes it perfect for gifts! If you ever wondered what to bring as a housewarming gift, I think those crochet dishcloths would be perfect! The dishcloth pattern uses the Crumpled Griddle Stitch, which is a combination of single crochet and double crochet stitches, also know as lemon peel stitchEasy Crochet Dishcloth on My Crochet Space


(20.) Free Crochet Washcloth


For this crochet washcloth free pattern, you are welcome to use any left over yarn, preferably double knit but a worsted weight yarn would do. Generally, I’ve found 100% cotton perfect for making my crochet washcloth, as they absorb water better. This easy crochet washcloth uses the basic dc two together stitch with a beautiful texture and in no time, you can master this stitch. Free Crochet Washcloth on Fosbas Designs

I hope you like and enjoy these 20 free crochet dishcloths patterns from all the bloggers around the web on this page. If you share this roundup on facebook can you please tag @crochetncreate

20 free crochet dishcloths20 free crochet dishcloths