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Crochet Bags-Purses Roundup

Crochet Bags-Purses Roundup – 8 of my favorite bags and purses crochet patterns, scroll down the page to get links to these free designs.

Hope you enjoy!

crochet bags-purses roundup

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Bags-Purses Crochet Roundup Free Patterns

Just click on the headings or the pictures below to get each of these lovely free purses or bags crochet patterns.

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Shopping Bag

Shopping bag, use it for most things, store or carry your crochet projects in it, take it with you to the grocery stores or use for the beach.

shopping bag* * * *

Crochet Coin Purse

Easy cute crocheted coin purse, made in one piece and folded in half, to keep your dimes and pennies safe.

single purse* * * *

All Purpose Tote Bag

Made in single and half double crochet stitches this simple all purpose tote bag can be used for the beach, shopping or just to store in.

tote bag* * * *

Tulip Wrist Purse

A sweet and feminine tulip wrist purse, designed to keep loose change or knick-knack’s like lipstick in etc. Crocheted in close stitch, it works up very quickly.

tulip wrist purse* * * *

Grocery Tote Bag

Use this bag for your supermarket visits to carry your bits and pieces home in whilst as the same time doing your bit for cutting down on using plastic carrier bags.

grocery tote bag* * * *

Small Crochet Purse

This small purse is can be used for adults as well little one’s, just add more chains to the stap, made in a half double crochet stitch with a pretty lacy flap and button to close.

crochet bags-purses roundup* * * *

Girls flower bag

A cute fashion statement for your little girl to just put her comb, hairbrush in etc. this sweet two colored purse can make an ideal birthday gift that she can show off to all her friends.

crochet girls bag* * * *

Peaked Top Clutch Purse

Made in a shiny, glitzy yarn, make this clutch purse in colors to suit your outfit for that next big evening out, measuring approximately 7 x 5 inches when finished it can be made bigger using a larger hook and thicker yarn if you wish.

crochet bags-purses roundup* * * *

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