Travel Sponge Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Travel Sponge Bag Free Crochet Pattern – Crochet this bag for toiletries or make up, perfect for a short or long break away, big enough to store everything you need.

With a ribbon drawstring fastening, this pouch is great for
your suitcase or overnight bag.

Travel sponge bag free crochet pattern

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Crochet travel sponge bag

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Crochet travel sponge bag pattern

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Travel Sponge Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern Number P05

Click here for UK format

WS.     Wrong Side

RS.      Right Side
ch.      Chain
sc.       Single Crochet
dc.      Double Crochet
rpt.     Repeat
sl st.    Slip Stitch
tch.     Turning Chain

Base of ch. Work in first stitch

ch3 counts as first dc

Approx Finished Size:    8.5 x 10 inches

For great results it is always best to use the recommended yarn I have used approximately:-

100 grams of James C Brett Baby Marble DK
Polythene bag for lining approx 9 x 8 Inches

approx 0.5mtr of 6mm wide ribbon

4.00mm Clover Crochet Hook

GAUGE – 10dc & 4 rows measures approx 1 inch


ch42 loosely, work 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch to end. Turn. (41sc)

2nd Row – ch1, sl st in base of ch1, * 1dc in next sc, sl st in next sc, * rpt from * to * to end. Turn.

3rd Pattern Row – ch3, 1dc in each stitch to end. Turn. (40dc + ch3)

4th Pattern Row – ch1, sl st in base of ch1, * 1dc in next dc, sl st in next dc, * rpt from * to * to end, working last sl st in top of 3tch. Turn.

Rpt 3rd & 4th Rows until 64 rows have been worked in all from the beginning or work measures approx 20 inches. Turn.

65th Row – ch1, 1sc in each stitch to end. Fasten off.

Finishing – With WS facing fold in half and sl st or whip stitch the side seams together, weave in and trim off any loose ends of yarn.

Place the polythene bag over the wrong side of your work to form a lining, it should fit to approx the third row of dc’s at top of work, whip stitch the top of the polythene bag to the stitches to secure in place.

Thread ribbon neatly through the third row of dc stitch (counting from the top of the bag). 

travel sponge bag free crochet pattern

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