Crochet Post Stitches

Crochet post stitches are so called because they are worked around the post of the stitch, they can be used in a variety of designs from ribbing, cabling etc.

I have put together a pictorial below on how to do the front and back post using a dc or tr (UK).

crochet post stitches pictorial

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Crochet Post Stitches Pictorial – dc/tr (UK)

I hope these step by step pictures help you to learn the post dc/tr (UK) technique.

dc/tr.    Double Crochet, (Treble Crochet UK)
yo.        Yarn Over

Front Post Double Crochet
1)     yo

2)     Insert hook under the front of the post on the dc/tr (UK) from the row below.

fpdc-bpdc 1-2

3)     Pick up yarn.

4)     pull through under post.fpdc-bpdc 3-4

4a)    yo, pull through 2 loops.

5)     yo, pull through last 2 loops.fpdc-bpdc 4a-5

6)     frpdc or tr (UK)

Back Post Double Crochet

7)     Insert hook under the back of the post on the dc/tr (UK) on the row below.

8)     Work your dc/tr (UK) in the same way as in pictures 3 to 6.fpdc-bpdc 7-8If you are subscribed to receive my free crochet patterns, I will be using this method in the coming weeks in some of my new designs, so keep a reference handy and pin it to your boards on Pinterest.

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Until next time, happy crocheting.


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