Dividing Armholes

Welcome to my how to dividing armholes pictorial, I get many requests on how to skip/miss stitches without fastening off when shaping for armholes on my round and square neck
yokes, I use this method in many of my baby patterns, so hope this will help you.

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dividing armholes pictorial

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Dividing Armholes Pictorial

This an easy to do process and makes it much simpler to crochet sleeves onto the garment.
The worked from the top down round and square yokes are a quick and ideal way to crochet in one piece instead of having the sewing up etc to do in the finishing off. Use when making baby jackets, cardigans or dresses.

Hope this how to pictorial helps with your crochet baby projects .

Round Neck Shaping

1)     Round yoke.

2)     Armhole Shaping when complete.

shape armhole round neck

3)     Completely skip/miss the amount of stitches that the pattern says and work into next

4)     How armhole looks after skipping/missing stitches and continuing with row.

completed round shaping

Square Neck Shaping

1)     Square neck.

2)     Completed armhole after division.

shape armhole square

3)     Work to center stitch of 3 stitch group, skip/miss the number of stitches the pattern tells
you to and work into next center stitch of 3 stitch group.

4)     How armhole looks after division and continuing with row.

armhole square complete

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how to shape armholes

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6 thoughts on “Dividing Armholes

  1. Sandra Knapp

    Hello Heather,
    I love your baby patterns. They are so easy to follow, and the garments are adorable. I make little outfits for newborn babies, and donate them to my local Hospital for their “New Beginnings” program. They like to give each new Mother a hand-made outfit for their new babies when they go home. And as a retired, Senior lady, it gives me something constructive to do, and allows me to be a useful part of society still. And I love knowing a brand new baby is wrapped up in something I`ve made for them. And I use almost exclusively your patterns for my crocheted outfits, sweaters and things. So I want to thank you for sharing them so freely. I do purchase on occasion as well. 😀

  2. Linda

    Thank-you for all your baby crochet patterns, especially the patterns about “dividing for the armholes”.. 2 new babies to crochet for. Love all your patterns.

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