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Crochet Summer Skinny Scarf

Crochet Summer Skinny Scarf – A lovely lace design that you can crochet very quickly using only a small amount of yarn. The simple stitch in this design has also been used in my summer cowl.

This pretty crochet scarf will accompany most clothing such as t-shirts, dresses, tank tops and so on, also looks good as a head band or you could pair it up with my summer hairband.

crochet summer skinny scarf

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Country Rib Crochet Beanie

Country Rib Crochet Beanie – Whether you are new to crochet or are looking for a project that works up quickly, this beanie hat is really easy to crochet.

Made sideways, slip stitched in a tube and then gathered, you’ll have it made in no time at all.

country rib crochet beanie

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